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Psychology 1010

on June 10, 2013

Community College never ceases to impress me with the quality teachers they provide us. In this case my teacher, who must be 300 lbs, showed up to class wearing dirty sweats asking if she was in the right spot and my first impression was this poor lady is never going to pass the class. Surprise Surprise she is my teacher for the rest of the semester. So, scolding myself for my rush to judgement based entirely on appearance I decided to give her a shot. Well, she spent the first 30 minuets of the class teaching us how to fill in a bubble properly, as if we got all the way to college without ever taking a single standardized test. Then she told us about her PhD is social work which completely confused me on how she managed to do that and when she couldn’t get a YouTube video to load so she decided to restart her computer. All that aside, however, she is very well read in the most recent psychology studies and she does seem adept at getting you to think like a psychologist.

The material we are covering is truly fascinating and the people I met are inspiring for lack of a better word. It was nice to hear from other people in the class that they too have the desire to get their PhD  and they have real life goals. Such a nice change from everyone in my life raising their eyebrows every time I try to talk about getting a PhD. It really felt like being surrounded by my own peers, finally. I feel like most of the students are capable of having an in-depth discussion and will contribute to the class.

It feels like for the first time I belong, like I’ve found my people in this stupid community college 1010 class. It could be me projecting what I want onto the people around me only time will really tell but being around people who have similar goals has me elated. Here’s hoping tomorrows sociology class is wonderful as well.


2 responses to “Psychology 1010

  1. violaghost says:

    Great reflection! Definitely don’t judge yourself buy the “stupid community college” label – I learned the hard way that opportunities like this are what truly reflects your work ethic. I once worked a job I considered myself way overqualified for, and as a result, didn’t take seriously. When I came to my next job, one I was happy and fortunate to get, I found – to my horror – that my attitude came with me. So, I think you’re doing really well in your own work.

    In college, I had a mandatory Speech class senior year – our professor was also severely overweight, unkempt, and self-admittedly bipolar. He was also brilliant, caring, and impactful. I learned tons from him. I think we all tend to judge to quickly by looks.

    Looking forward to future posts!

    ~ Max

    • Thanks for the feedback! Nice to know someone actually reads my rumblings!! Excellent comment about both not judging my teacher or my surroundings. Maybe I’m not at brown university but I am greatful to the opportunity to learn. Maybe dropping all preconceived notions will help me be a better student and a better psychologist. Thank you for reading!! More to come soon I promise!!

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